Do you know how much tax you are going to pay this year? 

How will paying your tax bill impact your cash flow

Are you using the right structures and reimbursement vehicles to minimise your tax?
Do you know why the state payroll tax threshold affects your tax bill, and how you can reduce it?

Come on... admit it.

It's easier not to think about it and hope that your current accountant has been doing the right thing by you, but have they?
Rachael Turner, Lucent Advisory
Hello, my name is Rachael Turner, and I have a story to share about a client that not too long ago was just like you...
Let me tell you about Jared who had built a very successful business providing a professional service.

With 27 employees and an annual payroll to the tune of $1.7M, Jared had a hefty tax bill to service every year: 

• $54,540 in State Payroll taxes
• $161,097 in PAYG tax

You see, Jared always paid himself a salary. Even though he had hired
a manager and was no longer hands-on in the business, he continued to take a wage as income, advice given by a previous tax advisor.
The bottom fell out from under Jarred as the amount of salary paid to himself (and his family) would vary depending on the business's annual revenue. He found himself always 'paying it back' to cover his tax bills at the end of each year.
As you can imagine, Jarred was confused and puzzled as the business was in great shape, but why wasn't he seeing that return to him in net profits at the end of each year?

And that's when Jarred had a big "ah-ha" moment...

He needed to proactively plan for tax, instead of addressing his position retrospectively at the end of each year.  


How We Saved Over $106,000 In Annual Taxes For Jared Just By Following These Simple Steps.

Uncover the 9 Tax Planning Strategies To Help You Pay Less Tax - and how much you could be saving.


    9 Tax Planning Strategies To Help You Pay Less Tax
    Let me ask you a question...
    Would you like to access The 9 Tax Planning Strategies To Help You Pay Less Tax and have an outcome like Jared did, saving over $106,000?

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    Now, while it would be impossible to show you ALL of the benefits of The 9 Tax Planning Strategies To Help You Pay Less Tax, I want to show you some of the things that you'll experience as soon as you're on the inside.

    Learn about the 9 secrets including;

    Secret #1: The Expenses You Never Thought You Could Claim
    Secret #2: The Super Sleuths Way To Pay Less Tax
    Secret #3: The Invisible Inventory That Could Be Costing You
    Secret #4: Beware Of These Unused Assets Holding You Back
    Secret #5: How You Can Write Off Bad Debts And Still Recoup Them
    Secret #6: Owner Earning Strategies That Will Wow You
    Secret #7: The Low Down On Loan Structures
    Secret #8: The Best Time To Recognise Your Revenue
    Secret #9: Structure Solutions For Your Ultimate Success


    BONUS #1
    * A copy of our Tax Saving Case Study where we show you the exact easy-to-follow strategy we used to save Jared $106,603 in annual taxes 

    BONUS #2
    * Plus a copy of our 7 Secrets of High-Profit Service Firms, applicable for any business selling 'time' 

    We're giving you a roadmap on how you can drastically improve the performance of your business, increase your profits and pay less tax.

    If all this did was show you how to sleep better at night knowing that you aren't paying too much tax, would it be worth it?

    Of course, it would!

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    The 9 Tax Planning Strategies To Help You Pay Less Tax
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    ​ We respect your privacy and promise never to rent or share your details with anybody without your consent
    Act Now Because...
    The profitability of your business is essential to its future. 

    Revenue alone will not drive your business forward.  And why pay more tax than you have to?

    If you want to see the vision for your company become a reality, you are going to need to be profitable and tap into the best advice out there to minimise your tax and maximise your net return.

    Just imagine what life will be like when you know you are saving as much tax as possible, boosting your bottom line.

    Get this step by step guide so you can rest assured you are paying the least amount of tax, maximising your profitability, and increasing your net returns. 
    Lucent Advisory
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