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Learn the 3 Secrets every Practice Manager needs to know to report with clarity and avoid nasty surprises that are uncomfortable to explain to your practice owner!
 On this replay, I show you how to trust your financial data and report with confidence without having to hire an expensive full-service internal Finance and HR team.
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I'd like tell you a story about Matt, a Practice Manager of a well established Dental Practice.  You see Matt was a little in over his head.....

Matt was referred to the head dentist who owned the practice as they needed help managing the day to day operations and other practice staff.

Matt didn't realise how stressful the financial management and human resources side of his job was going to be. Personality clashes, staff calling in sick, and unhappy customers due to the appointment scheduling changes put Matt in the operational hot seat. 

Matt was struggling with managing the practice without access to meaningful reporting and high-level strategic HR advice.

Then the bottom fell out from under Matt when a letter from a lawyer arrived that left him quite embarrassed, losing sleep, and with no idea what to do next.

The problem was that Matt hadn't discovered the secrets that could have prevented the nasty, nasty surprises that derailed him. 

Would you like to know what these are?

I explain three secrets which can easily be implemented by you and your existing team.  So really you’ve got nothing to lose and vast improvements to your practice to gain!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn for free. 

Now is the time to take action with the right knowledge and tools to grow your practice with confidence and ease.

Gain an unfair advantage. Whip your practice operations into shape, and fast.

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About Your Host
Rachael Turner
Managing director
Rachael started her career in the late ’90s working in larger corporates like British Airways, Australian Rail Track Corporation and BAE Systems in Australia before working for a mid-tier accounting firm in Adelaide.  

Working with small and medium-sized businesses for the first time really opened her eyes to the disparity between the level of financial support and insights big companies enjoyed compared to SME’s who couldn’t afford large finance and HR teams at their disposal.

Rachael started Lucent Advisory in 2005 with a mission to level the playing field to help smaller business owners & CEO’s get access to the same level of expertise and insights large corporates do, but at a fraction of the cost.

With over 20 years experience, Rachael spends her days helping Managing Directors of service based businesses, CEO’s of Not For Profits and Practice Managers of Health & Medical services gain control of their numbers so they can make better decisions that drive profit, cash flow and growth and save tax!
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